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State Volume Flag Pricing Program

State Volume Flag Pricing Program

Welcome Municipalities!

Acme/Lingo has created a special flag related program to benefit New Jersey’s Municipalities.    Our State Volume Pricing Program offers all of the benefits below and is only available for State, County and Local governments.

Program advantages:

  1. Order state, county and municipal flags simply.
  1. Generate your own estimatesright here on our website.
  1. Receive automatic state volume pricing discounts on all state, county and municipal flags.
  1. We accept your municipal Purchase Orders to make it easy for you
  1. NO setup charges on custom flag orders.
  1. FREE SHIPPING on all flag orders.
  1. Automatic enrollment into our Half Staff Flag Notification program.

To be eligible, you will need a login and password, and you MUST be a government employee.

Sign-up Form

Please fill out the sign-up sheet below to request your login and begin taking advantage of the benefits included in this program immediately! Any questions or to speak with a live person, please call us at 800-260-1897.

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