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Genuine Venetian Entasis vs. Cone Taper

Genuine Venetian Entasis vs. Cone Taper

The standard taper for most metal flagpoles is the cone taper.  The cone taper is created by reducing the diameter of the flagpole at the same rate throughout the length of the taper creating a completely uniform or “straight line” taper.

The genuine Venetian taper, often referred to as “curved” or architectural entasis” taper, is modeled after the world-renowned columns of St. Mark’s Cathedral in Venice, Italy.  This taper has a highly pleasing convexity called “entasis”. Its development is derived using “entasis stations” at equal vertical intervals along the tapered portion of the pole.  At each station, the diameter of the pole has been established according to the mathematical contour developed by the early Venetian craftsmen.  This unique design is particularly recommended to complement memorials, monuments, and projects with exceptional architectural value. The Genuine Venetian Entasis Taper is undoubtedly more interesting, elegant, and “substantial” than the standard, cone-tapered design.