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Quiet Halyard Flag Clasp

Quiet Halyard Flag Clasp

The patented Lingo “Quiet Halyard” Flag clasp silences the noise produced by the flagpole halyard “slapping” against the flagpole with each tug of the flag! This unique flag clasp secures both parts of the halyard to virtually eliminate this disturbing noise which has been long associated with the display of the flag from a flagpole.

Through the use of a new UV stabilized Delrin, this flag clasp has been greatly improved for a longer service life. Not only will this flag clasp quiet the halyard ropes, but because it is made of Delrin it will not “clang” on the metal flagpole or make marks on a painted pole.

The “Quiet Halyard” Flag clasp is standard equipment on all Acme/Lingo Flagpoles and is now available separately for use on your flagpole!