Acme Lingo Flagpoles Catalogue 2022

Acme/Lingo Rope Internal Halyard Aluminum flagpoles use a rope halyard on the inside of the flagpole. The flagpole is operated by removing a locked door and releasing the rope from a jamb cleat mounted inside the pole. Acme/ Lingo Rope Internal flagpoles provide security and clean appearance without the added expense of the cable and winch system. Acme/Lingo Rope Internal Halyard Flagpoles are equipped standard with the following components: • (1) Gold anodized aluminum ball • (1) Revolving rope truck assembly • (1) Braided polyester halyard • (2) Brass swivel snaps with neoprene covers • (1) Internally mounted jamb cleat assembly ** • (1) Flush locking access door with cylinder lock • (1) Spun aluminum flash collar • (1) Corrugated metal foundation sleeve 8 GROUND SET FLAGPOLES - ROPE INTERNAL HALYARD ** Acme/Lingo’s jamb cleat assembly allows users to release and lock the halyard in place with one hand, unlike the industry standard cam cleat. As an added safety measure, if the operator was to release the halyard by accident, the halyard would catch itself in the jamb cleat helping avoid damage from the counterweight falling to the ground. Revolving Truck is Standard! Acme/Lingo provides a revolving truck assembly as a standard feature. Revolving trucks help the flag to not wrap around the flagpole and improve the life of the halyard since the rope is not pulled across the truck sheave as it is with a stationary cap style internal truck.