Acme Lingo Flagpoles Catalogue 2022

Acme/Lingo Winch Internal Halyard Aluminum flagpoles use a stainless steel cable halyard and winch on the inside of the flagpole. The flagpole is operated by inserting a winch handle through an access hole in the side of the pole, and simply cranking the handle up or down. When the handle is removed the winch is locked in place allowing for full and half staff display of the flag. Acme/Lingo Winch Internal Halyard Flagpoles are equipped standard with the following components: • (1) Gold anodized aluminum ball • (1) Revolving cable truck assembly • (1) 1/8” 7x19 Stainless steel cable halyard • (1) Stainless steel swivel • (2) 5/16” Stainless steel flag snaps • (1) Flag arrangement safety cable • (1) Vinyl coated counter weight • (1) Beaded nylon retainer ring with 1” nylon balls • (1) Stainless steel internally mounted winch with removable handle • (1) Teardrop winch handle hole cover • (1) Spun aluminum flash collar • (1) Corrugated metal foundation sleeve Why Acme/Lingo Winch Internal Halyard? SECUR I TY, DURABL I L I TY, CLEAN APPEARANCE 6 GROUND SET FLAGPOLES - WINCH INTERNAL HALYARD Acme/Lingo’s winch internal halyard flagpoles are the best flagpole for use in public settings where vandalism is a possibility. Acme/Lingo uses stainless steel parts for the utmost in durability with only minimal maintenance and internal halyard systems provide a “clean” look with no rope running the down the entire length of the pole.