Acme Lingo Flagpoles Catalogue 2022

Acme/Lingo External Halyard Aluminum flagpoles have a rope halyard on the outside of the flagpole that ties off to a cleat mounted 4’-6” up from grade. This type of halyard system is the “standard” system that has been used for over 100 years and works well in areas were vandalism and flag theft are not a concern. Acme/Lingo External Halyard flagpoles are equipped standard with the following components: • (1) Gold anodized or Satin finished aluminum ball • (1) Double sheave revolving truck • (1) Braided polyester halyard • (2) Brass swivel snaps or (2) Quiet Halyard flag clasps • (1) 9” Cast aluminum cleat with (2) stainless steel mounting screws • (1) Spun aluminum flash collar • (1) Corrugated metal foundation sleeve ** OPTIONS: • Cast aluminum locking cleat cover (prevents unwanted untying of halyard) • 5’ Aluminum halyard protector (must be used with cleat cover to protect the lower 5’ of rope from being cut by vandals) • Wire center halyard (prevents cutting halyard with a knife) ** 3” and 4” diameter flagpoles use a PVC foundation sleeve, stationary cap truck and nylon flag snaps 4 GROUND SET FLAGPOLES - EXTERNAL HALYARD PRO TIP: If flying two flags on the same flagpole, you simply need two additional flag snaps to the same halyard. The use of two halyards on the same flagpole is not recommended, as it leads to tangling of flags and limits the rotation of the truck assembly.