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In 1897, the Lingo family business was started by John E. Lingo.  The founder was a tug boat captain on the Delaware River and started the business becoming one of 27 spar yards located along the river.  He began making ship masts and spars for damaged sailing ships that came up the river looking for repair.  Along with masts and spars, he began making wooden flagpoles as well.  John passed away in 1921 at the age of 67.  His son Archibald took over the business at that time and started producing steel flagpoles shortly thereafter.    The business quickly became one of the largest manufacturers of steel flagpoles in the country.  In 1930, Lingo produced and distributed the first ever flagpole only catalog.  Titled “Architects’ Guide and General Catalogue of Flagpoles”, the publication contained standard flagpole sizing, design details, and detailed descriptions of all flagpole parts.  The catalog became the most widely used flagpole reference by architects and designers.

Archibald died in 1941 at the age of 58 and was replaced by his son John E. Lingo.  John continued to produce steel flagpoles throughout the 40’s but in 1950 he produced the first ever tapered aluminum flagpole.  Unlike steel, aluminum does not rust and does not have to be painted.  Aluminum quickly became the material of choice for flagpoles and is the most popular flagpole produced today.  

Acme/Lingo had several other “firsts” along the way.  The first tapered stainless steel flagpole, the first tapered steel flagpole made from pipe and the first bronze flagpole made from heavy wall tubing were all pioneered and developed by Acme/Lingo.

John E. Lingo passed in 1970 at the age of 64 at which time the 4th generation, John E. Lingo, Jr. (Jack) took over the business.  In the early 80’s, Jack was highly involved in the development of what was to become the ANSI/NAAMM Guide Specification for the Design of Metal Flagpoles.  This standard was the first ever, industry agreed upon, guide for designing metal flagpoles.  The business continued to produce metal flagpoles for many prominent installations worldwide under his watch. 

Jack’s son, Jeff, began working in the business in 1982 and is the 5th generation Lingo in the flagpole business.  In 2004, John Jr. retired and the Camden location was sold.  Jeff opened a new location in Southampton, NJ and continues offer aluminum flagpoles to 80’ tall, steel flagpoles over 80’, stainless steel flagpoles and a new “Automatic” flagpole that raises and lowers the flagpole automatically at sunrise and sunset. 

Through five generations, Acme/Lingo continues to lead the way in design and innovation.

Our quality flagpoles are hoisting flags in every US state, all US territories and in over 60 foreign countries.  Acme/Lingo’s commitment to proper design, quality materials, precise manufacturing and superior service will assure that you are getting the best flagpole the industry has to offer.

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Q = Do you maintain a flagpole inventory or is everything made to order?
A = We have an extensive inventory of satin finished aluminum flagpoles. If you have a project deadline and need a pole fast, we ship all stock flagpoles in 1-2 days.

Q = How do you plumb a tapered flagpole when you install it?
A = Flagpoles are tapered, however, the lower portion of most flagpoles is straight. You can use a regular 4’ carpenters level.

Q = Do you provide sealed, engineered drawings for flagpoles and foundations?
A = We can provide you with sealed engineered drawings for the flagpole itself, however, we do not offer foundation design services.

Q – Why is a 6’x10′ flag the largest available for an automatic flagpole?
A – The 6’x10′ is the largest flag that will fit through the flag entry casting.  This casting is welded to the pole and allows the flag to pass into the pole for storage at night.

Q – What choices of lighting to you offer and is any of it solar powered?
A – We offer a pole mounted cylinder light system that can be use when the preferred method of lighting the pole from the ground is not possible.  These lights are 110V and use LED flood light bulbs.

 Q – Why would I select an internal halyard system over the standard external rope and cleat?A – Internal halyard systems provide security for the flag. If you project is in an area that is open to the public, and internal halyard system is a good idea.