Q = Do you maintain a flagpole inventory or is everything made to order?
A = We have an extensive inventory of satin finished aluminum flagpoles. If you have a project deadline and need a pole fast, we ship all stock flagpoles in 1-2 days.

Q = How do you plumb a tapered flagpole when you install it?
A = Flagpoles are tapered, however, the lower portion of most flagpoles is straight. You can use a regular 4’ carpenters level.

Q = Do you provide sealed, engineered drawings for flagpoles and foundations?
A = We can provide you with sealed engineered drawings for the flagpole itself, however, we do not offer foundation design services.

Q – Why is a 6’x10′ flag the largest available for an automatic flagpole?
A – The 6’x10′ is the largest flag that will fit through the flag entry casting.  This casting is welded to the pole and allows the flag to pass into the pole for storage at night.

Q – What choices of lighting to you offer and is any of it solar powered?
A – We offer a pole mounted cylinder light system that can be use when the preferred method of lighting the pole from the ground is not possible.  These lights are 110V and use LED flood light bulbs.

 Q – Why would I select an internal halyard system over the standard external rope and cleat?A – Internal halyard systems provide security for the flag. If you project is in an area that is open to the public, and internal halyard system is a good idea.

Q = Do you offer any stock designs for your tall Action flags?
A = In addition to the custom designs that we provide, we offer over 30 different stock designs. Just call us or visit our showroom to find out more.