Q = Do you maintain a flagpole inventory or is everything made to order?
A = We have an extensive inventory of satin finished aluminum flagpoles. If you have a project deadline and need a pole fast, we ship all stock flagpoles in 1-2 days.


Q = How do you plumb a tapered flagpole when you install it?
A = Flagpoles are tapered, however, the lower portion of most flagpoles is straight. You can use a regular 4’ carpenters level.


Q = Do you provide sealed, engineered drawings for flagpoles and foundations?
A = We can provide you with sealed engineered drawings for the flagpole itself, however, we do not offer foundation design services.


Q = Do you offer vehicle wrap designs?
A = Yes, we can provide complete vehicle wrap designs for you. Upon order, you can sit down with a wrap designer and discuss the vision for your wrap. We will design, create and install your wrap, within budget and on time!


Q = What materials do you use for your vehicle wrap?
A = We use only the finest 3M wrap vinyl and over laminate for our wraps and full color lettering.


Q = Do you offer any stock designs for your tall Action flags?
A = In addition to the custom designs that we provide, we offer over 30 different stock designs. Just call us or visit our showroom to find out more.